Who is NOT your dream student?

#dreamstudent May 19, 2021

In theory, as school owners and school directors, we all want dream students (dream clients), and sometimes it seems like the road to get there is very bumpy. 


I'm here to tell you it's not that difficult, but you have to be firm with yourself and consistent in some areas. So, first of all, who is NOT a dream student/client?


This is the definition I love the most; it's by Joey Ragona, by the way: 

Who is NOT your dream client?

  • Someone who distracts you.
  • Someone who drains your energy and resources.
  • Someone who makes you tailor, tweak and twist your product to accommodate their needs.


I have it on a post-it note right in front of me, and I look at it every time before I make a call or send an email. 


It can be of immense help: Imagine you only do one-to-one classes and someone comes to you asking for group sessions. One way to react is to spend hours writing up a new offer for groups and hoping it would work out; another way to react is telling them honestly that it's not what you're doing and referring them to someone you know and does a great job at groups. 


This can be applied in any situation; let me mention a few: 

  • students asking you to recuperate their no-show class
  • a student wanting an extra class as their class day was a bank holiday
  • a parent asking for a discount for a monthly fee of a kid as they forgot about the workshop they had previously signed up for
  • students requesting classes on a Saturday when you never work on a Saturday
  • a student who is never able to log into the learning platform and repeatedly asks for their homework per email


I'm not saying you should never go the extra mile. You totally should, as that will differentiate you from the rest of the schools. But do it for the RIGHT person. 

Do it for the people who lift you, who inspire you to do more, to do better. 


Now out of curiosity, let me ask you a question. If you give it a thought, what percentage of your current students/clients are DREAM students/clients? 

Please click here to share it; it's totally anonymous; I'm just curious to know.


And for this week, I invite you to do the following:

Please make your own post-it and place it right in front of you. Try it this week and see how it works. 

I'm super interested to know whether this has brought you a new perspective, so do hit reply and let me know, even in a week, if so.  

I know it can be a long way to get to 100% DREAM clients, but we can work on it in every interaction. 

Stay tuned as I will bring you more ideas for that that in the coming weeks.


Thanks for coming along, 

have a fantastic week!



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