When people around you don't get it.

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Have I told you about how my family reacted when I told them about my plans to increase my prices by 85% at my school in 2018? 

Hehe, I didn't, as I purposefully didn't tell anyone... 

That year was the first time I understood how my happiness and peace of mind were key drivers of how everything went at my school, and I had no choice but to put my prices up by 85%.

I had been charging so low until then, that there was no way I could ever pay myself what I was paying my team, let alone what I deserved as a manager. 

It had been so so painful to live a seemingly beautiful dream, with the school full of students and many still on a waitlist, while I didn't know how I'd pay my bills or my rent that month. Also, 70% of clients were people who constantly drained my energy and made me tweak my hours, my products, everything I let them touch...

Yes, I LET THEM... but that's another story. 

So, at this point, I either had to close it all down, because it was too painful to keep it going, or I went serious about my numbers and followed what they said. And they indicated that an 85% price increase was inevitable.

When I decided on this second option, it was such a relief, as it was a clear indicator that my suffering had come to an end. Either it would work out, or I had close it all, as my physical and mental health were simply worth more than fully sacrificing myself in this situation. 

Until that moment, I used to share my plans with my boyfriend, and my family. But at that point, I felt, if I did, it was guaranteed that they'd convince me not to go ahead. 


  • "...in Granada, nobody will pay those prices."
  • "...it's simply ridiculous!"
  • "...you can raise by a few euros but not by 85%."
  • "...people will leave."
  • "...people won't understand."
  • "...it's offensive."
  • "...you're out of your mind!"
  • "...that might work for your gurus from the US but not here, not you."

So, I planned the entire launch on a Friday, wrote out the announcement, and scheduled it for a Monday at 8 am. Just like this message. Without telling anyone. 

But then, while doing that planning, I got so excited and so certain of what I was doing, that I couldn't resist telling my boyfriend.


I remember I told him on our way back from the supermarket, both of us with two heavy bags in our hands each. And then I remember clearly, dropping both bags and running away on the street crying; that's how his reaction made me feel. His reaction was the above list, topped with 

"You are risking our family's wellbeing!"


Today, he says, that, in fact, I had been risking our family's wellbeing in the three years prior to this moment, by relentlessly pouring money into the academy, and never taking anything out, no holidays at all, and me being a zombie during those five years in constant overwhelm. 

Luckily, my certainty by then was unshakeable

And for the few days between telling him, and the announcement going out, then the first enrollments flowing in, I became my own cheerleader.

It's okay to be our own cheerleader at times!

Trying to convince others (spouse, friends, or family) can take forever. Just think of how difficult it is for you to change your own mind, your own beliefs, and make yourself think differently. Making others think differently will be much harder.

My choice was to put that energy into showing skeptics, that there was another way! Do I need to prove anything to anyone? Not really... But indeed, if I share my life with someone, we'd better be on the same side on many things.

Since this story, a lot has happened. But it was the last time he didn't support a decision of mine or at least tried to truly understand my standpoint. (OK, we still don't have a cat, because he opposes it, but I don't think that's such a dramatic clash we have). 

So if you have such people in your life, you only need time, to show them. 

But until that time comes, on numerous occasions, you'll have to be your own cheerleader!

If you're not, people will take as much room in your decisions, as YOU LET THEM. 

I am not saying they're always wrong. Plus, they normally share their opinion with the best intentions. 

But c'mon. How much does a friend truly know about your business? How well does your mother know your clients? How well does your spouse know how to run an academy? Mostly, they will have NO CLUE. Yet they will all be willing and ready to give you their advice... IF YOU LET THEM.

So let me ask you: Is it their business or yours? 

Say it out loud with me: 


Now, if you just said the above with me, when will you finally take charge and put their advice into the "drawer" to which it belongs?

Say it with me: 

"TODAY is the day I'M IN CHARGE!"

Remember this, and if you ever need someone else to have your back, be your cheerleader; we're here for you; you just need to reach out to me or others in our community. Just raise your hand.

With this, I wish you a fantastic week, as the TRUE LEADER of your business. 






PS: if this resonated with you, and you're ready to join a community of like-minded, powerful academy owners and kids activity providers, do reach out and let me know: [email protected] 

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