Build a Fantastic Student Onboarding Process and Avoid the Overwhelm as a Teaching Business Owner

academicyear onboarding schoolmanagement schoolowner Sep 19, 2022

As the owner of a dance studio, a language school, a music school, a creative club, the first few weeks and months of new students make or break your whole year.

A great onboarding process will save you an immense amount of time and stress; it will make it clear to your students, where to find answers to their most common questions, know where to go for their classes, where to find additional materials, how to pay or cancel their membership.

You can build an onboarding email sequence, build an FAQ page, or record a video series, whichever format is easier for you to create and for your community to consume.

In this video, I cover 19 elements I suggest you definitely include if they apply, to bring out the most of your onboarding process. I will also include here the full list of items under the video, so you can come back and access it easily whenever you need it.

01:14:06 1: Your Big Why
01:35:18 2: Channels of Communication
02:16:17 3: Your Learning Platform
02:39:22 4: How Group Hours Are Assigned
02:52:14 5: How to Use the FAQ Page
03:15:06 6: Your Opening Hours
03:36:00 7: How to Change Groups
03:34:20 8: How to Reach Out to Your Teacher
04:10:24 9: Where to Find Your Classroom
04:30:06 10: How to Make the Most of Your Learning
04:51:23 11: Evaluation and Where to Find Them
05:07:18 12: Materials: What to Bring, What's for Home Use
05:34:21 13: Where to Find Additional Events
05:55:16 14: How to Buy Additional Tickets
06:08:18 15: Class Cancellations, No Shows
06:32:15 16: Membership Cancellations
06:57:21 17: Emergency Contact for Urgent Requests
07:13:23 18: How to Use Your Online Library, Learning Platform Access
07:30:07 19: Bring a Friend (Student Referrals)

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