Forget the typical sales talk, enter the conversation in your potential client's mind

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Last week I shared my 13 ideas for bringing in new students, but besides “firefighting” and last minute ideas, it is of huge importance to acknowledge, that not everyone will be ready to buy right when you are ready. You can help their decision making though with some education on the area you cover, sharing your WHY, your values, and how your service will ultimately transform their (or their children’s) life.

Today I’ll list all the elements I normally include in such an “educational” sequence.

Whether you cover these items in a series of emails, or you tackle each of them in a single meeting or webinar with potential clients, they will help your listeners how you are different, how your business has a deeper meaning, and it will not only filter out the right people, but will engage them way more than a single offering and price presentation.

There is a lot more to this, making the language engaging enough, using wording that will help you draw your audience in more than anybody else – which you will find in the Communication Strategy section of JUMP – but today I wanted to bring you this outline of the items you shouldn’t miss, even if you’re just starting out with a more engaging communication:


  1. My Mission, why am I doing this?
  2. Who is this for?
  3. My objective today (if it’s an in person meeting, trial class, webinar)
  4. Why would you believe me? Why to follow my advice
  5. My journey
  6. A client's journey through growing with me
  7. 3 Limiting/False Beliefs about this area (eg. “You can’t start speaking a language before you have a certificate”, “Online learning for children is boring”, etc.)
  8. Belief #1 - why is it false, how to beat it
  9. Belief #2 - why is it false, how to beat it
  10. Belief #3 - why is it false, how to beat it
  11. How our students/clients have beaten their beliefs and came out winning
  12. Offer - if you liked this session (or what you have seen up until now), how can you go one level deeper
  13. What will you get if you become a student? - Transformation (how people will feel after a few months learning with us)
  14. What does the membership cover? - Practical details about the product/course
  15. Price
  16. Special offer if any
  17. Validity of special offer
  18. Questions & Answers

The method that has worked best for me (for an online English school for children) has been a 30-minute trial class for children, followed by a 60-minute webinar with their parents, where I cover all the above points, answer any questions and reservations can be done during the session online.

You can however apply the same principles to a music or dance trial class, or any other event followed up by an email sequence, a simple email series, or an in-person open day at your language school. Get creative, shape it to match your branding and style.

And if you are a JUMP member, you can find content to the fullest detail in Week 3 - Lesson 1&2 and Week 5 Lesson 1


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