Does your teaching business allow you to live your life to the fullest potential?

dreamlife zoneofgenius Aug 30, 2021

Besides switching off, I like to use my holidays for big things to settle in my head. So this weekend, I was re-reading The Big Leap from Gay Hendricks.


Like I mentioned to some of you at School Owner Club LIVE the other day, I'm processing some massive guilt for having closed my school and dedicating 100% of my energy to making a living out of Jump Start Your School.  


The fantastic community of families I left behind after 8 years of bonding and working on their kids' future together, the team I left... but when you feel you need to do it for yourself, you need to do it...


And this is something I found, which puts it all into perspective: 


"In the Zone of Excellence are the activities you do extremely well. It's where your own addiction o comfort wants you to stay. It's also where your family, friends, and organisation want you to stay. 


While the Zone of Genius is the set of activities you are uniquely suited to do. They draw upon your special gifts and strength.


If we don't heed the call and make a gentle, graceful move into our Zone of Genius, we often get painful life whacks that tell us with blatant clarity that we're not paying attention to the Call."


BOOM, that's it for me; I need no more proof that it was the right move for ME.

It took me two years to finally listen and stop fighting through life, constantly trying to please everyone but myself. 


It doesn't have to be a complete shift in your career. But it might well be working with your true Dream Students and ONLY them, charging the prices your work is worth, not putting up with anything and everything anymore, finally finding time for your family... Genius is there in our daily life at so many levels. 


To me, Jump Start Your School is my true place of genius where I can help others find their way of being resilient in a smart way. Finding and building systems in chaos. And becoming their best self as a school owner, instead of just being dragged by the market to wherever it takes them. While I can live the life, I had dreamed of.


Do you feel you're operating in your Zone of Genius? 


Give yourself time to go through this discovery. It's so worth it. You can save years of operating in the wrong place.


If you want to tap into it, here's a little practical exercise to bring you one step closer to your genius just by having a look at your normal week. It's a LIVE I did in our Facebook group a few weeks ago. And where "unique" refers to genius. Check it out. It's time you do things for YOU.


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