How many hours a week do you work in your teaching business?

dreamlife dreamweek Aug 20, 2021

Looking at your average workweek, how many hours do you definitely have to be at your office or be available at your teaching business, at your academy, at your school? What are your working hours?

How does your dream week look like? 

When working on your plan for the year, you should consider everything that makes your dream week possible. 


  • If you don't want to teach any classes, your Dream Week should reflect that.
  • If you don't want to be your own secretary, your Dream Week should reflect that.
  • If you want to teach but only one group, your Dream Week should reflect that.
  • If you want to take Fridays off, then it should reflect that. 


So the very first step is drawing it up.


If you don't have your desired hours written down in any plan, your chances of actually making them a reality there are tiny. 


But if you have them outlined in a plan, you have taken a major step towards your dream. 


Once it's down on paper, it will be so much easier for you to work towards it each day. 


After planning, the next step is BOUNDARIES. 


If Friday is your day off, then Friday is your day off. No client meetings, no staff meetings, no student calls, no classes. That's YOUR day. I'm not saying you can never make exceptions, but exceptions shouldn't become the norm. 


Sounds easy, right? I know in reality, it's not always so.

But you can work it little by little and reach your dream week.



So I invite you to plan out your Dream Week right now: 

Write down how a dream week looks like to you as a business owner. Day by day, hour by hour. Do it on a separate sheet of paper if you prefer handwriting, or use a simple excel if that's your style. Imagine and describe your days as vividly as you can. Colours, smells, what do you do, what do you see, what do you hear. Be as detailed as you can. A dream week you'd be happy with as your work week for the next 3 years.























































































Why is it important to write it down? Because if you never actually imagine it, if you don't define what you want, what you'd be happy with, you might not ever get there. 

If you want to show us your dream week, come and share it in a post at the School Owner Club so that we can cheer you on your way to get there.  

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