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By the end of the 21 days you will:


1. Be at a whole new level as the CEO of your teaching business, KNOWING what you do, and no one will be able to stop you!🔥

2. Have a stable ground you can come back to, whenever things get tough...

3. Enjoy your new habits that won't fade away the next day!

What does this challenge look like in practice? 


By joining this challenge, you will get instant access to 21 SuperPowers that will turn you from overwhelmed business owner into a true CEO.

It's self-paced, you can watch ONE snippet a day, or binge all of them at once.

These are not just "nice-to-have" habits, that you'll try to apply and will fade away. I've built this challenge for you in a way that you CAN'T UNLEARN what you've learned here, and you'll never go back to where you were.




If you want to


Build a profitable teaching business based on YOUR unique mix of skills and experience.


Stop fighting for more money in total overwhelm


Bring in the right clients, that don't drain you or take you off-track


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Is this the first time we meet?

Hey, my name is Eszter,

I'm the person behind Jump Start Your School. 

I started this project in 2018 to help heart-centered teaching business owners to live the life they dreamed of when they started their businesses.

I had my own language school (both brick & mortar and online) for eight years, and while building it and tweaking it, I went through all the trial and error around communication, team management, pricing and automation, until I found the tactics that truly work! 

AUTOMATION is my best friend; I see systems in chaos and streamlined processes where seemingly there are none.

Since 2018 I have helped a series of teaching businesses with teams of 1-25 people, and with 30-600 students through my signature course: JUMP.

My objective is to help you BUILD A BUSINESS AROUND YOUR LIFE instead of building a life around your business.

My mission is that all education professionals get paid what their experience, education, time and effort is worth!

I brought to life the JUMP Club in 2021. A safe space where educators who dream big, enjoy the support of a like-minded tribe.

Jump on the challenge and enter our world right now!

Hugs from sunny Granada, Spain🌞


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What will you get during the 21 days? 



Each day you will get a lesson about your SuperPower of the Day! I know time is scarce... So on an average basis each lesson takes only 10 minutes! 

You will get an exercise with each lesson, to help you apply that SuperPower and never look back! 






Each day's exercise will be super easy and enjoyable. I'm not trying to fix everything, just the way you think!

Which in the end will change everything, by the way...




You will have fun by earning your BADGES each time you complete an assignment.

The badges will also serve as a reminder for you so you can easily get back on track whenever you want.



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Get Started Now and Make a Complete Shift in the Next 21 Days!

21 SuperPowers that will skyrocket you to your next level as an academy owner!


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  • Instant access to 21 SuperPowers that will turn you from overwhelmed business owner into a true CEO.
  • 21 Days of follow-up content so you don't get sidetracked

  • Gamified learning experience to help you keep up

PLUS: A set of FireUp Tools that help you definitely follow through with your 21-day plan and never look back🔥🔥🔥

  • FireUpTool #1: A printable workbook that helps you stay on track and implement each SuperPower in your life and business for lasting change. [Value: $97]
  • FireUpTool #2: Lifetime access to the challenge content so you can come back to it whenever you want. [Value: $197]
  • FireUpTool #3: Access to our private 21 Days to CEO Community, where you can connect with like-minded teaching business owners, share your best findings, and ask for support when you get stuck on any of the SuperPowers. [Value: $97]

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